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Confluence installation

    KEN LEAP, Confluence, Yuma City Hall, Yuma, Arizona. Glass, steel, and Autumn Gold Quartzite, 8' x 10' x 10'.

The confluence of the Colorado and Gila Rivers is a powerful symbol of the rivers' influence on Yuma's past, present, and future. A coming together of generations of people from across the continent and around the world, another kind of confluence, has provided Yuma with a rich cultural heritage. The sculpture, Confluence, commemorates this flowing together of water and people. Clouds and water ripples in the sculpture symbolize the valuable resource carried by the river. Yuma's windswept sand is also depicted. These images are created by the refraction of ambient light passing through hundreds of pieces of hand-cut glass. Rocked blocks, a reference to Yuma's surrounding rugged mountains and historically rugged inhabitants, provide the sculpture's foundation.


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