Metamorphosis: Mind and Matter

by KEN LEAP_____________________


  This sculpture was commissioned for the Art in Public Places Program of New Mexico Arts, a division of the Office of Cultural Affairs.
KEN LEAP, Metamorphosis: Mind and Matter, 1999. Glass, steel, and concrete, 21' x 28' x 8.5'. Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, New Mexico. View from the South.    

  METAMORPHOSIS: MIND AND MATTER is installed outside the newly renovated Education Building on the campus of Eastern New Mexico University, Portales. The artwork forms a symbolic link between the process of education (mind) and that which is observable in nature (matter). One definition of metamorphosis is: "a striking alteration in appearance, character, or circumstances." A kind of metamorphosis occurs in learning. The water ripples represented in the sculptural glass show metamorphosis in their visible growth, interaction, and transformation--an analog to the process of education.  

View form the North 
View from the South
View from the North

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