Caledonia Yawl Construction
Part IV: Hull Turning

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Dolly Ready for Boat

  Two pieces of 3/4-inch plywood, spiled to match the hull, are attached to a welded steel frame. The frame is 4 feet by 7 feet and on casters. Foam pipe insulation is fit over the plywood edges. Strips of carpet are stapled to the plywood, securing the foam and providing additional padding for the hull.

Hull Prepared for Turning

  Mould-to-building-frame fasteners are removed. Spalls (or spreaders) are lashed to the hull to keep the moulds in place during turning. The moulds protect the hull during the roll.

Hull Lifted Off of Building Frame

  Two layers of carpet padding are in place on the concrete driveway to protect the gunwale.

Boat Set Down Gently on Gunwale

  Hull turning BEFORE beer!

Boat Rolled onto Keel

  The crew repositions after the roll. Getting a grip on the boat for lifting is more difficult when the boat is right side up.

Boat Lowered onto New Dolly

  Mission accomplished.

Moulds Removed







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