Caledonia Yawl Construction
Part III: Finishing Outer Hull

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Aft Stem Closeup

  Aft stem glued on and ready for skeg. Note that the "deadwood" section is part of the aft stem lamination. Both outer stems are yellow pine.

Skeg Being Glued to Hull

  The spiled skeg fit nicely. Very little force was needed to hold it in place and close the gap during gluing. No temporary fasteners were used.

Closeup of Skeg Being Glued to Hull

  Skeg and aft stem are rough cut for gluing and will be faired later.

Outer Keel Sections Glued to Hull, Looking Forward

  These parts will also be faired later. The skeg is yellow pine. The split and forward outer keel sections are ash. (The entire inner backbone is yellow pine.)

Looking Aft

  Bilge rubbing strips are dry fit.

Test Fit of Chainplate Under Mid-Sheer-Strake Rubbing Strip

  A notch in the rubbing strip accepts the chainplate.

Another View of Chainplate

  A notched gunwale rubbing stripped will go on next. A chainplate pad will be attached to the inside of the hull. The upper ends of the chainplate pads will act as spacers in the open gunwales.

Garage Turned Upside Down for Proper View of Hull

  Ron Davies taught me this trick!

Rubbing Strips, Bronze Keelband, and Gudgeon in Place

  Gunwale rubbing strip has "L" cross section for covering plywood edge. Keelband is 1" x 1/8" silicone bronze, attached with #10 bronze screws.

Wood Fillets Tacked on for Dry Fit

  Wooden fillets have a triangular cross section, softening the step from one plank to the next and allowing easier bending along the planks' curvature.

Final Bits Being Tacked onto Outer Hull

  Small nails are used to tack wooden fillets in place.

 Driveway Turned Upside Down

   Sweet Lines!

Happy Builder and Crew After One Coat of CPES

  CPES applied to outer hull--last step before turning over.

 View of Stern

  Wood grain and color now showing.

Low-Angle View Towards Bow

  Geometry of triangular wooden fillet is evident here.

Chainplate Tucked Under Notched Rubbing Strips

   Bolts not yet installed.

Closeup of Bow

  The colors of the yellow pine stem, ash rubbing strips, and sapele planks are enhanced after one coat of CPES.


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